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We drive energy

Aveda offers a wide array of rig moving services from short distance relocation to long haul over the road transport across North America whether it be a single, double, or triple.

The Company works in partnership with customers to establish their specific needs in advance, carefully pre-planning each move by identifying possible routes, specific hazards and risks. Aveda’s extensive fleet permits operation in a variety of conditions from a major multi-lane highway to a muddy, remote lease.

The Company is installing satellite communication and GPS tracking from planning to invoicing to ensure the safe and secure movement of customer equipment, efficient operations and accurate billing. The combination of careful planning and skilful execution means Aveda effectively minimizes downtime for customer rigs.

Rig Moving Fleet

  • 110, 135, 165 ton cranes
  • Bed trucks up to 410” wheelbase
  • Pickers up to 45 tons
  • Tri-drive Texas beds
  • Tri-drive tractors
  • Planetary tractors
  • 24-wheel trailers
  • 5-axle trailers
  • Commanders
  • 6x6 sows
  • Boosters
  • Jeeps

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